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We Offer High Quality Service at an Affordable Price!

Most homes are $79-$99

Standard Dryer Vent Cleaning:

  • Using a powerful vacuum and brush system we clean the entire length of your dryer duct

  • Our vacuums use HEPA filtration to make sure the dust and lint are not spread throughout your home

  • We then cleanup the work area and move everything back to where it belongs

  • We take a final air velocity reading to verify the increased flow

  • Finally we use a special camera to view the duct system in order to visually verify everything is clean

In most cases our service is completed in an hour. That way you can go about your day with the peace of mind knowing your family is safe.

Dryer Vent Replacement:

Vinyl and foil dryer vent ducts are a major fire hazard. We can remedy the situation by installing a new metal duct and fittings to attach your dryer safely to the wall port.

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